About Us

Be. Apparel is a streetwear brand that is on a mission to remind, empower and mobilize a generation to be who they were created to be. Everyone that is breathing was created to be legendary. Everyone that is breathing has been chosen for this from eternity. This is about more than just rockin' a dope tee, a hat or a hoodie. This is about an awakening! This is a movement!  This is a lifestyle. A transition from a crisis of identity that too many of our brilliant humanity is suffering from, to a BREAKTHROUGH. Being created in the image and likeness of God means your destiny is greatness. It's your inheritance. It's your birthright. We are here to help you manifest destiny. When you wear Be. Apparel, remember, you weren't created to be less than. You weren't even created to be average. You were created to be legendary. Powerful beyond measure. It's who you are. Be. You and wear it well!